A Step Into The Past (Cantonese)

A Step Into The Past

This TVB series is about Hong Siu Lung, a member of the G4 security force who is recruited by Li Ka-shing’s son Li Siu Chiu to go back in time to witness Ying Cheng’s ascension to the throne. Siu Lung is only persuaded because his relationship with Chun Ching has reached a dead end and she has married someone else. Li wins him over by saying that he can go back in time and think of a plan to win Chun Ching over if he agrees to go back in time.

Louis Koo as Hung Siu Lung
Sonjia Kwok Sin Lei as Kam Ching
Jessica Hsuan as Wu Ting Fong
Joyce Tang Lai Ming as Sin Yau
Kong Wah as Lin Chun/Lou Oi
Michelle Saram as Siu Sin
Lam Fung as Chiu Poon/Ying Jing
Shuet Lei as Chiu Nga
Lei Chi Hung as Chiu Mok
Wai Kong Fung as Liu Bat
Yu Ying Ying as Chu Gei

A Step Into The Past – 40 Episodes

My Review:
I have watch this drama for quite sometime ago. A friend asked if I have this drama as she only saw a couple of episodes on cable tv and find it interesting. She missed a few episodes and had therefore ask me if there is a torrent for this drama. It really difficult to find a torrent for any dramas or animes which has already been out long. What more there might not be any seeds left.

Found the a torrent but was dubbed in mandarin and I really sucks at it. Luckily I only downloaded the first episode. After more searching I found another torrent in one of the bigger torrent sites. And there you go, here is the file for you who are still looking for it. Surprisingly there is still quite reasonable seeders and peers so the download speed is quite ok.